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The Respiratory System

Check out the Respiratory System lesson below.

Health Test: MONDAY 4/30/12

Check out the Quizlet flashcards below. I’ll add new flashcards everyday up until Friday. You guys are doing a great job creating questions for the flashcards. To reward your efforts, I will use some of your questions directly on the test.  Remember, you guys can comment on the questions and add new questions to the shared Google docs and I’ll do my best to add them as well. The deadline for adding questions is Friday. Awesome health unit everyone, I really enjoyed it.

Bones and Muscles Quiz: Monday 4/23/12

The Circulatory System

Check out the Circulatory System Lesson below!

Heart Rate Lab and Due Dates

The Heart Rate Lab is Due: 4/24 MM; 4/25 BH; 4/26 RM

Click on the image below to view the Heart Rate Lab!

Musculoskeletal System: Part 2

Check out the muscular system lesson below.

I would suggest making note cards to help remember the muscles listed on the 15th/last slide.

Musculoskeletal System: Part 1

Check out the slides below for the musculoskeletal system (specifically bones).

I would suggest making note cards to help remember the bones listed on the 15th slide. Remember, the ilium, ischium, and pubic bones are not required as bones you’ll have to study; however, learning them may be a bonus

Genetics, Mitosis and Meiosis Lesson

Check out the Genetics lesson below. The HOMEWORK assignment is on slide 14. The assignment is due the first Monday after spring break. If received after 10am, it’s late. Have an awesome spring break!

DNA and Chromosome Lesson

Check out the DNA lesson below. The last slide describes the DNA Alias assignment and the due dates.

Cells Lesson

Check out the Cell lesson and Lab below! The last 6 slides describe the lab and the due dates for each class.